Tools of Marketing For Pymes


*1 Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a completely free tool and has turned into an integral part of the strategy of content. It will serve you to determine the topics and the questions that surround the key words for which you want to classify. Then, you try to answer all the uncertainties, doubts and interests that the persons should have. Of this form, when Google looks for the web sites that have the best information about the topic not only you will have the opportunity to have a better ranking but also you will be able to obtain more conversions from the visitors of your site, because you will offer a response to the topics in that more they are interested.

Because of it when you decide to write on a topic it is important to introduce first the key words in Answer The Public (do not forget to introduce the country of search) to expand your ideas and up to finding titles and subtitles adapted to the questions that your public does.

2 Groups of Facebook

The groups of Facebook are free, easy to create and they offer to you the opportunity to speak directly with your major fans: your clients. These groups are communities and are different from the pages, where only you will find news or publications to be read by the public. In them you can determine those who will be his members, to monitor the activity that is shared and to establish the tone of the discussions. They are an economic way of reporting to the prospectuses and it brings your clients over of your business and of beginning to create a relation with them.

You can use your group to share the innovations it brings over of the last products or services, to share photos of the decorations, to attract them to your business. Also you can initiate a conversation that they turns out to be useful or entertaining, across surveys or interesting topics.
#3 Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the tools of more popular surveys on line. The surveys are an excellent way of gathering information about the consumers, increasing the engagement, discovering trends and obtaining tangible information about your business. The software is extremely simple. In a few minutes you will be able to design, to create and to publish your own survey and in addition it will allow you to analyze the results. The service is free up to 10 questions and 100 answers, then it has plans of monthly or annual fee.

#4 YouTube

Though many owners of small enterprises are unwilling to communicate across the video, the statistics show that the persons adore this format and already it has been constituted in the second platform of search. Whenever someone wants to learn how to do something, it goes to Youtube in search of response. The video is an effective and slightly costly way of announcing the public and specially to your potential clients. You do not need a great equipment to do it, simply you can record it with your Smartphone, load it in YouTube and then publish it and share it in the social networks.

If you do not have idea it brings over of the topics that you should approach, you can use it to show the new incorporations to your inventory or tutoriales. Like example of tutoriales, if you sell clothes, you can teach how to knot a handkerchief or how to combine different colors and textures. The videoes will help you position as an expert in your field, offering a content of value to the clients without any cost.

#5 Aweber o Mailchimp

The e-mail marketing is indispensable for the success of the majority of the companies. It helps yourself to move the consumers along the tunnel of purchases since it allows you a more intimate interaction between the brand and the consumer. And to do e-mail marketing you need a tool that allows you to create a list of subscribers (or you change) and to manage it. Because of it we show you two very popular platforms: Aweber and MailChimp. Aweber is an excellent tool very easy to learn if you are a beginner. Here you have a guide to learn to use Aweber. Aweber allows you 30 days of free use, then the plans divide from 20 usd/mes. Mailchimp on the other hand, offers a basic free plan for those who have up to 2000 subscribers and give the orders up to 12000 e-mails / e-mail. These five are some of the multiple tools of marketing that they are to your disposition to handle your business of a more effective way and to attract the consumers, without you have to worry for your budget. Not badly at all eh?

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