The Salto Baiguate

Salto de baiguate is a waterfall of 25 meters high surrounded by a spectacular nature paradise and the tranquility of the area as well as the beauty of the fall is one of the reasons that thousands of people each year to visit this site. Many arrive on horseback or in chariots, and some even prefer to do long walks to get to this place, because there is like discovering again this island of indescribable wonders.

The Salto Baiguate Wetting a small basin of the Cordillera Central is located in its upper part is covered with pine trees and a grass called pajón White that prevents the soil from being eroded because it allows water infiltration.

In this same river is the Salto Baiguate, which is one of the few areas of the country where there are Walnut, a very valuable timber tree that occurs only in tropical countries.

The Salto Baiguate with its waterfalls form a sort of stairway, and due to its difficult access few Dominicans know the beauty of this leap, but that does not prevent this leap is very visited by foreign tourists and also by Dominicans who like to feel the adrenaline.

The Salto Baiguate is the best of the leaps that is located in the Río Baiguate, where you can enjoy an energizing bath in its natural pool surrounded by trees. To get to the Salto Baiguate has to go through a gully that offers beautiful views as well as the offers all the Cibao Valley, especially in the city of Jarabacoa, where you can stay in one of its small hotels and eat in the restaurants, which serve a delicious menu. One of them is restaurant The Ranch, where they serve from Dominican meal up to octopus or just a cup of coffee from the Dominican Republic.

Salto Baiguate, Salto, Baiguate

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