The confluence

The confluence is another of the many beauties of Jarabacoa, his name is due to the fact that 2 rivers converge, the Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa, bone join the rivers. It is quiet and where you can go with your family, there is space for the children and you can make cocinao if you wish. The way to the confluence seems a garden and climate super nice unforgettable gives a touch of wanting to go back to visit the confluence.

The Confluence or the Malecon of Jarabacoa is one of the main tourist attractions of the province of La Vega. It is a spa very frequented by Dominicans and some tourists who like to get to know the natural beauties of this small corner in the center of the Dominican Republic.

Its name is due to the confluence of the two rivers Dominicans: The jimenoa and the Yaque del Norte.

During the summer months, the Confluence welcomes thousands of visitors who arrive in cars, buses or sometimes walk to enjoy with your family or friends of your tranquil ambience and the agrdable climate.

The road to the confluence is full of flowers and abundant vegetation.

For the most part, its refreshing waters are kept clean and suitable for the bathroom. There is a special space for children, although always should be monitored.

Although many people bring food and drinks for the day, the spa has a small café and booths that provide food and drinks.

Visitors also have the option to make excursions on horseback, because there offer that service.

The name of the Confluence was given because it is the area where the rivers Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa, bathe the city by the east and the west.

This resort is one of the attractions on weekends, to the locals and visitors converge.
As is customary in many Dominicans when they meet in public places to share with friends and family, is to enjoy the national alcoholic drinks and listening to music at a high volume.

The spa of the Confluence is no exception to this custom, for the good of many, there are no residences in the spa.

The Confluence has a small café and some stands that provide food and drinks.
You will see there children and adults that offer the rent of horses for a walk.

The avenue that leads to the spa is planted with trees that are accompanied by green solar panels that have not yet been inhabited.

When you’re in Jarabacoa visit motorcycle or other transport, in this corner of the Caribbean.

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