Social impact of the business across the Internet like conduit of information.

The development and the increasing use of Internet have affected to the companies and companies the whole world. Only the developed countries have adopted this technology from the beginning, but now it is frequent everywhere. The electronic commerce allows to the companies to happen across borders without need to be physically in a place. This has given place to the efficiency of the business and it opened new routes of trade. The Internet reduces the time of commercialization and diminishes the costs of communication, for what it is a tool of trade valued by the international companies. The delivery of Internet information in a digital format to low cost helps to the companies to operate with major efficiency. And they can spend the cost savings for the client.

The companies dedicated to the international trade think that Internet helps them to improve the management of the chain of supply for his products and services. This reduces the general expenses associated with the functions of marketing, of distribution and of transport. The Internet is the improvement of the efficiency of the commercial distribution and the logistics, which allows the displacement of the information without the need of transport, insurance or other expenses. These efficiencies of the chain of supply do that it is easier to sell products, as articles of dressing and of health, across the electronic commerce.

Internet allows to the small enterprises to accede to the clients in the whole world without expenses of transport. A small enterprise is in disadvantage, without a capture of current furnished well in a privileged location. Internet provides an impact igualador, a small enterprise can use several special effects in his web site, as a bigger business. Rural and regional companies also benefit from the electronic commerce and the reduction of the costs of transport. The companies can gather in crowds to present information about his regional specialities and of attending to the consultations of the clients.

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