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Good now there came the moment to contract the housing for our web and I am going to offer you a guide on how contracting the best hosting in Webempresa. Already we have seen how to register a domain and I have guided you stepwise in NameCheap. Also you know that the hosting is the web housing, or the physical place where your website or blog will be located. And it is not a minor topic. On the hosting that you contract there will depend good part of the success of your business, and I say it seriously. The quality of the hosting is one of the principal persons in charge of the speed with the one that loads your web.

Google likes that when a person goes to a page this one shows his content (or, load) rapidly, very rapidly, in milliseconds. The rapidity with the one that loads your page is different of the principal parameters that Google evaluates to position yourself. Table of Contents (To [conceal) · 1 Why I Chose Webempresa for My Blog · 2 Video: How a Hosting Contracts in WebEmpresa · 3 Benefits of your blog to lodge in Webempresa · 4 How To contract the Best Hosting: 5 Summarize Stepwise · Confirmation of the contracting

Why I Chose Webempresa for My Blog I am going to tell You a bit like it was the evolution of MujeresdeEmpresa’s hosting. When we begin in March, 2000 (! How much time already!) we contract a servant in the city of New York, property of a few Latin people, with what we think that we were going away to feeling more in tuning in. They had us practically one month turning with the configuration, until they said that better we will change supplier because they had problems with the personnel that him “was” “sabotaging” the configurations …


I you am sincere, today I last neither a problem like that nor one day. Then, without at least being able to inaugurate the site, we it change to Crystaltech, which of entry answered well. Whenever one was presenting a problem they were solving it in less than 1 hr. And this way we were many years with them, inclusive later that sold the company to another people. Though the service was good, today I think that we should never have chosen it, since one was finding west of USA placed on the coast, and the majority of our usuarias is nearest to the east coast. The physical distance does that, for good that it is the supplier, milliseconds of load get lost.

Then they returned to sell the company and the new owner already was not so good, because when they had a problem not only they chose the wrong option but they us lied. When they had an assault to his servant, there decided to disconnect the clients that they were considering suspects and there we fell down. Since MdE is in Castilian and they only understood English, we enter the category of possible culprits … For one month MdE it did not work and they were saying to us that it was a problem of our supplier of Internet service, or that though we could not see the site and less that less to update it, it was only an our problem and that the rest of the world saw it perfectly.

Lucky I have a son who is employed at systems at an international company, so we could prove the site from different countries and this way I could show them to our supplier of hosting that they were lying shamelessly. And there it began the search of another supplier of hosting. There are many good suppliers, but there are many more villains. The response of the hosting is so vital that some important bloggers armed his own company, but the costs of this service premium was totally out of my possibilities. They recommended to me a hosting also in the USA and I contracted them, though it was very easy to form age very rigidly, since there I realized that it was directed to totally raw. And to change a little the time of response it was one day!!!!

The first time they had me giving turned one month, now it was not ready to lose one day and there it is when I found Webempresa. It was lodged in Spain, what to the beginning I was not getting enthusiastic at all (my prejudice, it was mistaken), but I put to obtain references. And they were of first. And here we are for almost 2 years and without any complaint. Because of it I decided to write this guide in order that you learn how to contract the best hosting for your web.

Video: How To contract a Hosting in WebEmpresa Nota on the video: Though the author recommends to contract the option called “Popular” that is the one that has MdE, if newly beginning these I recommend to you to choose for the first one, or the packaging ‘ I Initiate “. One of the advantages of webempresa is that you can extend or dwarf you (the latter option is not very common in other suppliers of posting). Since you see there is enough place to grow. Another detail that I want that you notice is that the prices are ANNUAL, not monthly, do not get confused.

  • Benefits of lodging your blog in Webempresa · In your own Language. Since this supplier of web housing is in Spain, everything is in Castilian or Spanish like him want to say. · The cost of the service is more than reasonable. It is not the cheapest service in quantitative terms, but if we speak about quality / price I think that it is unbeatable. · Installation of WordPress, Joomla (a CMS similar to WP), Prestashop (ecommerce), Moodle (to give courses) in 2 clicks. · 99,9 % of time of availability of the servants. It it wants to say that his services fall very but muyyyy little. You are not going to listen to it of ” the servant fell “. His servants are optimized for WordPress and are going to be working 99,9 % of the time.
  • Have discs SSD, discs of solid-state flash memory, which are discs of very high speed (the available better thing now). Already you know it if your blog loads rapidly, Google rewards you … · automatic copies of safety Do every 4 hs, your files always are to good collection since in addition the files guard in answered servants and are a car recoverable. · they offer You his own one optimized of images in order that your web is loaded even more rapid. You have to activate it, but it is free. · If you contract for more than one year and do not have your domain, they register a .com; .es or .org free for one year and you save yourself us$10.
  • Can form all the accounts of e-mail that you need · Have a forum of technical support. · If your blog is not working well, you initiate session and ask for a review of automatic form. They have a software that there calls himself Stephan who checks the functioning in minutes and returns to you the analysis of the problem and the suggestions to solve it. If it you does not satisfy the results, or you still have doubts you open a ticket for the technical service. · The average time of response of the technical service is 30 minutes (I can assure it!), the 24 hs, every day. · If already you have a blog lodged at another supplier, they you change it without post · You can install different worpress in the same domain · Security. They isolate every account of hosting that they share a servant. Of this form, if

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