Salto Jimenoa

The Salto Jimenoa is located just a few miles from the village is the Natural Monument Jimenoa, one of the main ecotourism attractions of the province of La Vega.

The community of the co-manages the highest waterfall of the municipality of Jarabacoa, which, together with his brother, the Jimenoa II, make up the Natural Monument Jimenoa.
But nothing of comparisons. Its inhabitants and guides ensure that visit the Jimenoa I is much more entertaining because it offers more options, such as the ecotourism travel by a thick and inclined path up to its waters that is, at the same time, Paradise and calvary of the browsers lack of exercise.

The formations that lie in his bed or are raised on its banks, the beach that extends below the waterfall, the puddles left by the current and the diversity of plants and animals that nourish your ecosystem end up giving the reason. How has a community of 266 people empower themselves and convert the area into a model of sustainability?

The perfection made landscape
Salto Jimenoa I was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by some Englishmen who were involved in the construction of the hydroelectric plant on the Jimenoa river. Of that time are the ruins of a brick fireplace that workers built to cope with cold legendary that has disappeared over the years, at least in the summer.


Jarabacoa is a beautiful town in the Dominican Republic which by its natural beauty and pleasant climate has been baptized as the “eternal spring”.

This tourist destination has two enormous waterfalls: one of 40 meters of height and the other of 60 meters high with a natural swimming pool.

To get to these natural wonders, there are two routes. The first is a descent by an ecological path surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. However, the most crowded is the second along the Yaque del Norte River and crossing bridges.

Entry: RD$50.

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


• should not carry radio or music with high volume that disturbs the peace of that space.

• By bridges must move only 4 people at a time.

Do not make sudden movements while walking on the bridges.

Do not throw rubbish.

There are some points where bathing is prohibited. Read signs and ask before you enter the water.



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