RiverThe guasaras

The RiverThe guasaras is a small typical place, very visited by Dominicans, heading on the road to Manabao, where you can enjoy a delicious bath in the Yaque del Norte River, has been a meeting point for many families to spend a pleasant moment where you can also find food and beverage business, as well as to have a stay in a wonderful complex called The Ranch The Guazaras.

The incredible beauty of the tropical mountains of Jarabacoa have been for many years for Dominicans, a cool escape from the heat of the tropics, today also foreign tourists are discovering to Jarabacoa. Blessed by abundant rivers, a magnificent climate, fertile land and the warmth of its people, make a natural wonder for those who love adventure and ecotourism.

The Yaque del Norte River, the largest in the country and a source of generation of electric power, drinking water for consumption and responsible to irrigate cultivated thousands of tasks from different areas in the northwest and localities in the Central Cibao, languishes by deforestation, pollution, and other factors.
S ince its birth in the Cordillera Central and its 296 km trip to its mouth in Montecristi, supplies water to almost all of the Cibao including the Northwest Line, this important watershed has several dams such as Tavera- Bao and Lopez Narrowness that store millions of cubic meters of water.

It should be noted that the Yaque del Norte River through the years has suffered greatly from the effects of pollution and the disposal of both solid and liquid wastes which has caused a negative impact on their freshwater ecosystem and in the environment of its basin due to the establishments of poor people next to the river, which for lack of awareness has caused the formation of informal dumps and open causing high rates of pollution that affect not only the river but to all the people who live in the environment.

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