River Futaleufú

Located 45 kilometers from Esquel, the Futaleufú dam was built between 1971 and 1976 with a single objective: to provide electric power to the ALUAR aluminum plant in Puerto Madryn, while the surplus would be used for public use.

Currently, you can visit this engineering work and know its operation, infrastructure and lakes; At the same time enjoy the tour until you reach it, as it is located within the Los Alerces National Park. The road to the dam is paved.

One of the points where it is worth stopping is in Lake Amutuy Quimey (“lost beauty” in the Mapuche language), which is named for being the mirror of water that was formed by the reservoir of the Hydroelectric Dam. This monumental work of engineering covered a whole chain of lakes that formed the Situation, and the lakes denominated 1, 2, and 3. The numbered lakes were chained, existing a river that was born in the lake 1 and came together with the river Frey towards the Lake Situation. This is a brief description of “the lost beauty” even though little does to return its image.


Rio Futaleufu, Chubut Rio Futaleufu. Photo courtesy of ccate.
The plant has an installed capacity of 448,000 kilowatts (kw) and generation of the order of 2,560,000,000 kw. annual The Futaleufú dam has a height of 120 meters.

The river Futaleufú is born from the reservoir. Undoubtedly a beautiful river and perhaps the largest in the area (Futaleufú means precisely “big river”). Crystal clear waters, dense forests, places suitable for all kinds of activities both contemplative and active, camping areas, fishing areas of high quality, memorable walks, all this is possible in these scenarios full nature.

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