A gorge of turquoise waters, in Slovenia

Slovenia almost has us accustomed with its natural beauties with unique features. A river in emerald green, or a large underground canyon of impressive dimensions. This time we moved again to surface to a small natural corner of Slovenia in the municipality of Gorje. A walk that takes place between wooden footbridges that meander along a transparent river between rocky cliffs.

In total, you can complete a journey of almost seven kilometers from the city of Podhorn, just a few minutes from Bled. It is called Garganta Vintgar or Bled and is modeled by the Radovna River, which with its not so calm waters (by paths) has been commissioned to carve canyon walls up to 100 meters high.

Along the two-kilometer route inside the gorge, stretches of rapids, natural pools, and calm pools are crossed where the water is seen in shades of turquoise. And towards the end of the walk, you reach a picturesque waterfall about 13 meters high.

From the nearby village of Bled, you can also enjoy the views of an extremely photogenic lake, with an island that we also include in one of our incredible sites lists.

Slovenia is a small country, but with a variety of mountainous landscapes and curiosities that make it a good surprise to know. So much so that despite its small surface, it has won a few places in the list of places that I like to share on the blog.

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