French figure skater dress problem suffers while competing

They had begun to sound the notes of “Shape”, Ed Sheeran, when Gabriella Papadakis realized that the public would see more of what she wanted during your routine of figure skating.skater dress

He had accidentally released a hook of the beautiful green dress that used the French for the dance on ice during the Olympic Games. It was evident that the dress does not stand up to the neck.

And later, a chest of the athlete was exposed, while the television broadcast live to the whole world.

“”I felt immediately, and prayed. It was the only thing that I could do”..”
Gabriella Papadakis
When the hook is released, the 22-year-old skater began to worry more to keep the locker room at your place to synchronize their steps. Your routine the short program, with your partner Guillaume Cizeron, threatened to remain in the memory together with the infamous problem of Janet Jackson during the half-time show a Super Bowl.

“I felt it immediately, and prayed,” said Papadakis. “It was the only thing he could do.”

In some way, the French couple managed to maintain composure during a good part of its program of “latin music”. Obtained on Monday 81.93 points to occupy the second place, behind the Canadian couple Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

But in the final part of the routine, when Papadakis leaned back, sustained by the arms of Cizeron, her dress had moved up and the breast was exposed. The images were broadcast on television, and the turmoil in the social networks.

“Our coverage of dance in ice was live this night. Once a problem of wardrobe of a competitor was evident in a brief, intentionally employ camera shots more open and carefully select the repetitions to hide the matter,” explained the NBC said in a statement received by The Associated Press. “We have edited the video to all the retransmissions and repeats”.

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