The Bahia de Cata

Although nowadays the whole beach of Cata is public, it is divided in two parts. On the left (when looking at the sea) is the part called “public” because it has always been public, more crowded, because it is the place where buses arrive. To the right, there is the part called “before private”, or simply “Private Tasting”, less crowded, but where the services are more expensive.

The bay of Cata has many palm trees, which gives it a very special charm and makes it a very pleasant beach. The beach of Cata has a lot of waves, especially on its left side, where the waves come directly. But if you want more tranquility, you can go to the pier that is on the far left of the beach and go to Catita, another beach in the same bay.
At the end of the bay of Tasting (right side) is the mouth of the river Cata. It is worth the walk to this extremity of the bay.

Catita is a beach that is at the north east end of the bay of Cata. It is a quiet beach, without waves, very pleasant.

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