27 Charcos de Damajagua – Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

beautiful excursion to the 27 Charcos of Damajagua in Puerto Plata, the idea is that you can go through all 27 refreshing and beautiful wells and waterfalls through winding paths and paths, while enjoying a majestic landscape. Take an hour to hike the mountain and see the 27 waterfalls and wells of the Damajagua River, or live a shorter adventure only up to the first 7. This adventure, which is half an hour away from the city of Puerto Plata, is directed by local guides of the community, and is for those who are in good physical shape.

Surprisingly, the first tourists arrived at the Charcos de Damajagua in 1994, which supposed that the area was a hidden treasure, a secret that the Dominicans had reserved for our visitors and that a few years ago began to be discovered by tourists. Ten years later, the number of tourists who come every day to the Damajagua waterfall increased to enjoy what the Dominicans have known for centuries. Immersed in the beautiful rolling hills of the central mountain range, El Salto de la Damajagua and its 27 puddles are part of the protected area system of the Dominican Republic. This natural monument of the Damajagua River is composed of 27 waterfalls of different sizes. The association of lifeguards of the Damajagua River coordinates the descent of the 27 puddles with vests and helmets, offering the visitor adventure and safety.

The Damajagua River, coming from the Northern Cordillera, has a known section with waterfalls of around 12 or 13 meters in height, which form, in turn, water curtains and natural pools in the middle of the forest. There are formed the well known puddles that can be traveled by local guides. These puddles are located 10 kilometers from Puerto Plata, close to Imbert, so it is quite accessible and in the tour offered by Colonial Tour and Travel we will offer you an unforgettable day and be fascinated by the exuberant beauty:. Mother Nature has made twenty seven wonderful puddles, engraved by the limestone, for your enjoyment. Come and discover the most kept secret of the Dominican Republic

27 Charcos de Damajagua from Puerto Plata
8:30 am Departure from all the hotels in Puerto Plata by bus to the base to board our Outback Safari Monster Truck, comfortable trucks for 14 people sitting comfortably in the back to enjoy the outdoors while we take photos and videos of the splendid natural landscapes and rural life of the area during the journey. Entering San Marcos, we made the first stop in the plantation of fruits, coffee, cocoa. For 15 minutes and drinks toast, (free Cuba, water soda during the journey, second stop to barrabas, there you will be shown the petrified wood and the manufacture of souvenirs with them, in addition we will see snakes, birds, and a display of fight We will observe how the coffee process from the dry grain to ready to take, without using any machinery of the field shape, will show you how the people of the field live and we will see the school of barrabas. we will make in Finca Brugal, and then to the waterfall to enjoy the fresh waters and we will cross adequately equipped 7 of the 27 puddles and we will stay there for 2 hours and a half

Fourth stop at the end point restaurant where we will enjoy a delicious typical buffet style lunch. 4:00 pm Return to your hotels in Puerto Plata by bus.

27 Charcos de Damajagua from Santo Domingo
7:00 am Departure from a central point in Santo Domingo in comfortable air-conditioned buses through a beautiful highway passing through Santiago and seeing beautiful landscapes of the Central Cibao of the Dominican Republic until arriving at Imbert in Puerto Plata. Upon arrival in Damajagua, a team of expert guides will be waiting for us to give safety instructions and provide us with the necessary equipment, vests and helmets to start the wonderful tour of the puddles. At the end of the tour we will arrive at a restaurant where we will be offered a delicious Dominican buffet lunch with drinks included at 3:00 pm, return to Santo Domingo on our buses. General Rules for the excursion to the 27 Charcos of Damajagua. These rules were established by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to provide the safety of each visitor and the conservation of a natural monument.

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