12 Reasons To undertake in Electronic Trade or Ecommerce


1.With the electronic commerce your limits are minor, for what your service or product can be exhibited in the whole world, and if to have local scope is good for your brand imagine how much be able to position the global scope!, now your only barrier will be the language.

2. You do not need to have a place do not need physical spaces for your business or shop, he remembers that the difference between the traditional trade and the electronic one is that in the latter the clients do not need to be physically in your shop, so they will not spend in transport to be going to visit, this one is a great advantage since you will save in administration expenses. It yes, it thinks of investing in a good platform to announce yourself in the virtual world, for this also you can consult platforms of eCommerce to arm your shop online, you will see that it is very simple to use them besides the fact that you will not be alone, you have big experts who have done with you are platforms successful business.

3. The market is in summit Nowadays 80 % of the population in Internet demonstrates a potential behavior of purchase online according to GlobalWEbIndex. This way it is that, the electronic commerce in Mexico has increased and had summit thanks to the penetration of the technology, which does that the barriers break between the commercialization offline or traditional and of this form the online increases. At least in 2015 there are waited numbers of 21 thousand 91 million weight in the electronic commerce, is it a great number, not?

4. The products can be more personalized Nowadays the clients look for something more than the simple product, the electronic commerce helps them to choose exactly for what they look, and the attributes of the products can be improved personalizing them. Between more personalized it is your product, better it will be the advantage on the competition.

5. The time of purchase is minor Con the eCommerce the purchase is to an alone click of distance, on having done it virtually the times they stand out, already be from his mobile device, his electronic or computing tablet; the clients have an impressive power of search as the rapidity, since between more rapid it is the purchase more satisfied clients you will have.

6. Flexibility exists in the payments To The passage of time they have increased more and more systems to realize a purchase on line, the electronic commerce possesses payments from card of credit, payments in shops of convenience like Oxxo, bank deposits between others. I am sure that there will continue arising more methods of payment that they will do of this activity every time slightly simpler. So you do not worry, now there are more systems of safety that make almost impossible that it could commit a fraud on line, if you have some doubt on this you can check this note on the control and good practices to avoid the fraud in the trade on line.

7. You can sell from mobile applications to buy on line nowadays you do not need exclusively a computer, since already there exist multiple forms of access to these platforms, between them the intelligent telephones. In I divide equally one of every 3 purchases it comes from one of them, remembers that the practicidad of these purchases increases the sales and improves the experience of purchase of your clients. Do not hesitate to create an own application or to use those who already exist.

8. The delivery of the product is rapid One of the most important aspects is the delivery of your product or service. For this it is necessary have a good logistic strategy, nowadays there exist many companies of parcel service of which you will be able to use to make them to come, he remembers that between more rapid it is the delivery better attributes it will have your company, besides the fact that the clients will be happy.

9.You will have advantage before your competition East point is the most important, the difference between you and the competition will be that your company will be better positioned, you will be that of more rapid access, which has better payments and the one that more happy clients has. He remembers, the good news runs rapidly, your clients will not stop recommending you. Nowadays to have a business that works of way online for the alone fact of having it already is an advantage.

10. You can execute and monitor the project The majority of the platforms of electronic commerce they have an office that shows the statistics of the performance of your business of automatic form. Some of them allow you to do a customization to have a clear idea of what you are doing well or badly and how to act in correspondence.

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